Tea and Homeland

News, 2016/06


Tea and Homeland 17(sun) ~ 31(sun) / July, 2016

This project will spotlight a private dining table from Bijlmermeer, an Amsterdam neighborhood which houses more than 150 nationalities throughout its vast community.

Through my research based art project which is named “ Tea and Homeland”, I would like to review or rethink our daily common cultural habit which disappeared over a few decades using “tea” as a key giving back value.

For the research, I would like to get to know 6 people who is the 1st generation of emigrants of different nationalities who know or remember their homeland tea taste.

I would love to learn your background culture through tea time in your dining table. I would like to know not only traditional tea habit but also unique your home made taste which is transformed by you, your mother or grandmother based on your homeland’s tea. I am interested in unique recipe, too, and I think people as well.

Research & Interview term: 1 / June ~ 23/ June, 2016

Exhibition: 17(sun) ~ 31(sun) / July, 2016 @ Bradwollf Project : oetealerstraat 73, 1093 md, Amsterdam

Tea Party Peformance date: on Sunday 17th July at Bradwollf Project

BijlmAIR is an artist-in-residence organized by CBK Zuidoost, in collaboration with Bradwolff Projects and SMBA

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