Installation, 2012


2012 LMCC Building 110 in Governors Island New York, NY

Fellow ship program : Asian Cultural Council / Lower Manhattan Cultudal Council 2012

material: String, masking tape, compass, white ink and window

size: H1600, W3000, D3200 (mm)


スタジオの窓から見える風景の中にある緯度と経度の小数点のつかないポイントを、Google earth で探して窓ガラス上に印し、そそれぞれのポイントと自分のビューポイントを糸で繋いだインスタレーション。ガラス上のポイントはそのビューポイントから目測で決定してあります。

選んだポイントは、潮の満ち引きで見え隠れする海中の岩場の付近、グランドゼロ、毎日通るLarence Weinerの”ATTHE SAME MOMENT”のメッセージが描かれた港の桟橋付近等。


Vertex of the triangle as my standing point, I searched for the latitude and longitude coordinates of each landmark seen from the studio window by using Google Earth. I stamped each coordinate on the window virtually on top of each landmark, where each point are connected to my viewpoint by a thread.

A few chosen landmarks are, a rock which appear and disappear along with the rise and fall of the tides, ground zero, a pier I passed by everyday where Lawrence Weiner wrote a message of “AT THE SAME MOMENT“ and more.

Each points of coordinates which I positioned according to my perspective as a standard will differ according to one’s height, position and perspective.

This installation suggests differences and gap in the point of view of the world among each and every individuals.

Perspective _ Kyoco Taniyama works3
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