My Ubiety – my places

Installation, 2013 June


2013 OPEN STUDIO at BankART Artist in Residency Program

Material: steel, glass, photos and white ink

Size: H75mm W700mm L2800mm


Size: H75mm W700mm L2800mm



I opposed aerial photos of houses where I have lived during my lifetime in chronological order and showed the latitude and longitude coordinates of each place. These photos have the physical appearance I caught at the moment Google Earth approached the places by camera. This work's purpose to research my identity. I have lived in 16 places up until 2013, and I wanted to find my core place among these places.

Ubiety_ My places

Ubiety_My places 2013Ubiety_My places2013Ubity_My places2013Ubiety_My places 2013

Ubiety_My places2013


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